Ways of Getting Home





There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there.
— G. K. Chesterton






Home can seem elusive and just out of reach for much of our lives.  It may not feel we truly belong in any one place in this modern era of constant transitions and transfers.

In high school, I could not plan a get-away from my home town fast enough, opting to go to college two states away.  Once I was away, I was hopelessly home-and-heartsick.   Miserable, I decided to come back home and go to school there instead.

Once back under my parents’ roof, my homesickness abated but the heartsick continued, having nothing to do with where I ate and slept.  I wasn’t at home inside myself.   It took time and various attempts at geographic cures to settle in and accept who I always had been.

Those who do move away often cast aspersions at people who never wander far from home.  The homebodies are seen as provincial, stuck in a rut, unenlightened and hopelessly small-town.  Yet later in life as the wanderers have a tendency to move back home, the stay-at-homers become solid friends and neighbors.   Remarkably, they often have become the pillars and life blood of a community.  They have slogged through long hours of keeping a place going when others left.

I did end up doing my share of wandering yet sympathizing with those who decided to stay put.   I returned home by settling only a few miles from the stomping grounds of my homesteading great-grandparents, at once backwoods and backwater.   Cast aspersions welcomed.

Now I get back home by mostly staying home.  It takes something major (like a son teaching in Japan settled in for the long term with wife and daughter) to lure me away from my corner of the world.   Getting away is good, coming back home is better.

Best of all, it’s the assurance expressed so simply by Thomas Hardy in Far From the Madding Crowd,
“And at home, by the fire, whenever you look up, there I shall be–and whenever I look up, there will be you.”

Home so sweet.







4 thoughts on “Ways of Getting Home

  1. Point taken. It went directly to my soul. I speak here of another ‘home.’ Our true home, of which I am probably closer
    than I realize. There was a time when I feared the uncertainty, the doubt, of ‘going Home.’
    No longer. Because I believe in His promises. That must be the first step. And it is not an easy step, not because of lack
    of faith in Him, but because of the ‘pull’ of the world at times and the natural fear of the ‘unknown.’ Once that is overcome,
    through His abounding, constant Grace, I think that we will be given all we need to surrender, to let go of all earthly
    confinements and to go joyfully into that eternal ‘life’ where He awaits our homecoming with open arms….


  2. Love the quote by Chesterton. Always the advocate of common sense.
    The same can be said about going home to God. If we our lives according to His will never then would we have left.

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  3. Emily a follow up correction on my final sentence on my previous reply: “If we live our lives according to His will, never, then, would we have left home.”


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