Stunned By Last Light







The daylight is huge.
Five a.m. and the sky already
blushing gray. Mornings so full
of blue the clouds almost sheepish
as they wisp over hills.
High noon only happens in June,
mid-day a tipping point, the scale
weighed down on both sides
with blazed hours. And the evenings—
so drawn out the land lies stunned
by that shambling last light.
~Amy MacLennan “The Daylight is Huge” from The Body, A Tree.








May a sunrise or sunset never become so routine that I fail to stop what I’m doing and acknowledge it and be stunned:

the richness of the backdrop where the paint is splashed though the foreground remains unchanged.

the timing being all its own, whether slow simmer that never reaches full boil, or a burst and explosion that is over in a matter of minutes.

the expanse and drama of unique color and swirl, layers and uniformity, gentle yellows and purples and pinks or glaring reds and oranges.

May a sun be ripe for picking, to grasp briefly and hold on to and then let go – too hot to handle, too remote to tuck away in my pocket for another day.


“Once I saw a chimpanzee gaze at a particularly beautiful sunset for a full 15 minutes, watching the changing colors [and then] retire to the forest without picking a pawpaw for supper.” 
~Adriaan Krotlandt, Dutch ethologist



4 thoughts on “Stunned By Last Light

  1. Two more spectacular miracle gifts that we often tend to take for granted in our busyness and allow to pass by….
    If I were viewing the sky at the time of the sunrise my soul would want to say:
    “What now, Sweet Jesus, will you have me do today that I may honor Your Name.?
    Show me, help me, to see all with Your Eyes.

    And as the sun sets on a particularly busy day, sometimes overshadowed by worry
    and unhappiness, I would want to say:
    “Please accept from me, Sweet Jesus, all that I have done or failed to do for You this day.
    My acts of omission I regret. I need Your Grace to help me to do better in the time you give me tomorrow.
    My acts of commission that please you have been committed in Your Name, in Your
    Honor, for all that you give me each day.

    The more that I see and read about our Creator’s gifts to us within the animal kingdom —
    particularly those with whom we enjoy a mutual love and unspoken, or tacit ‘connection.’
    I am convinced that there are those special feelings that we assume are already present
    among humans exist also among our animals. They DO have a discernible sense of compassion, love, understanding, a desire to
    please, and deep loyalty – sometimes above and beyond our assumptions – that they are capable of such
    feelings toward us.
    Believing this I would like to think that Adriaan Krotlandt’s observation about the Chimpanzee means that he was no longer hungry – he bypassed the
    meal within his reach because he had been nourished in another way and needed nothing else at that time because his ‘inner being (soul ?) had
    received something much greater….

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