The Power To Break Rocks





“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.”
~Tennessee Williams in “Camino Real”
(These words became his epitaph)




Some beginnings in this life commence on inhospitable ground:
no soil, no protection, no nurture, barely enough water.

Here lies a drive to thrive and transcend: forcing through a crack in the pavement while exposed to relentless heat.

Such delicate beauty comes from nothing but a seed packed with the potential to transform its circumstances through perseverance.  We all are created with the potential power to break through rocks and change the world.

Forever and ever.








3 thoughts on “The Power To Break Rocks

  1. WOW! Brief, profound — all of it. Fragile, yet compelling. Powerful enough to carry in my mind…bubbles up there like a fresh, cleansing spring.
    If I were to say more, it would dilute the truth and beauty of the message.
    Thank you, Emily.

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  2. I’ll always miss the volunteer johnny-jump-ups that rose through the bluestone driveway in the NJ house we lived in for 46 years. One persistent clump was so deep a shade of purple it was nearly black. Others were more familiarly hued. No matter how clumsy the tractor snow plow had been, these sweet faces arose every spring. They much preferred the driveway to the composted, fertilized perennial beds, so I learned to just let them be a Holy Spirit gift each year.

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