Beyond Me, Darkness





Dawn comes later and later now,
and I, who only a month ago
could sit with coffee every morning
watching the light walk down the hill
to the edge of the pond and place
a doe there, shyly drinking,

then see the light step out upon
the water, sowing reflections
to either side — a garden
of trees that grew as if by magic —
now see no more than my face,
mirrored by darkness, pale and odd,

startled by time. While I slept,
night in its thick winder jacket
bridled the doe with a twist
of wet leaves and led her away,
then brought its black horse with harness
that creaked like a cricket, and turned

the water garden under. I woke,
and at the waiting window found
the curtains open to my open face;
beyond me, darkness. And I,
who only wished to keep looking out,
must now keep looking in.
~Ted Kooser “A Letter in October”


God knows we miss the light
these autumn mornings,
especially when a storm blows
wet and wild in the dark
beyond the window pane.
We only see ourselves
peering into the darkness.
God knows we need the light.




7 thoughts on “Beyond Me, Darkness

  1. Thank you for this wonderful poem! I didn’t know about Ted Kooser, and I am thrilled to learn about him. My grandparents lived in Nebraska, though a different part. I look forward to reading more of his poems. I also look forward to your post every day, with its wonderful photos and thoughts. Thank you!! Diann >


  2. Emily, thank you for this delightful poem from Ted Kooser, and then your words as well.

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, a distinction given by bloggers to other bloggers. Here’s a link to all the details of that, but award or no award, I do want you to know that I hold you in high esteem and look forward always to visiting this beautiful and peaceful place which you have created in pictures and words.



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