Good to Melt

How exactly good it is
to know myself
in the solitude of winter,
my body containing its own
warmth, divided from all
by the cold; and to go
separate and sure

among the trees cleanly
divided, thinking of you
perfect too in your solitude,
your life withdrawn into
your own keeping
–to be clear, poised
in perfect self-suspension
toward you, as though frozen.
And having known fully the
goodness of that, it will be
good also to melt.
~Wendell Berry “The Cold” from New Collected Poems

It is too easy to find comfort in solitude
in yet another waning pandemic winter,
with trust and friendship eroded,
to stay protected one from another
by screens and windows and masks.

Standing apart can no longer be an option
as we long for reconnection;
the time has come for the melt,
for a re-blending of moments
full of meals and singing and hugs.

We’ll find our way out of the cold.
We’ll find our way to trust.
We’ll find our way back to one another.


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One thought on “Good to Melt

  1. We were seriously divided as a nation, as communities, as individual citizens in our nation long before the COVID pandemic. What we face now is a silent cancer erupted and spreading, unchecked, within our Nation. The seeds of hatred, rebellion, the shredding of our Constitutional Democracy and unseen evil had begun.
    The seeds were planted secretly at first –maturing to what we see today among our citizen-elected legislators (federal and state) and our appointed Supreme Court (each entity swearing an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America). Now we face the frightening possibility of the inherent protections of our Constitution, and the Democracy it spawned 246 years ago. being eviscerated — beginning with the war against the poor, the people of color, and ‘others,’ being totally disenfranchised via the Voting Rights Act now making its way through Congress. This will be just the opening salvo in the coming ‘war’ –this insidious Satanic-inspired plan of those ‘elites’ seeking power and wealth who wish to control our Nation, our economy, each facet of our lives. Are we going to ‘sleep’ through this destruction as we have done in so many instances in our Democracy — the model, the paragon, of freedom and liberty FOR ALL — admired and hoped-for among so many nations?


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