Sparkled and Blazed

How late I came to love you,
O Beauty so ancient and so fresh,
how late I came to love you.

You were within me,
yet I had gone outside to seek you.

Unlovely myself,
I rushed toward all those lovely things you had made.
And always you were with me.
I was not with you.

All those beauties kept me far from you –
although they would not have existed at all
unless they had their being in you.

You called,
you cried,
you shattered my deafness.

You sparkled,
you blazed,
you drove away my blindness.

You shed your Fragrance,
and I drew in my breath and I pant for you,
I tasted and now I hunger and thirst.
You touched me, and now I burn with longing.

~St. Augustine in Confessions

God spoke in His Word
but I didn’t listen.
God fed me
but I chose junk food.
God showed me beauty
but I couldn’t see Him.
God smelled like the finest rose
but I turned away.
God touched me
but I was numb.

So He sent His Son
as Word and food,
beauty and fragrance,
sparkling and blazing,
reaching out broken hands
so I would know
my hunger and thirst
is only and always
for Him alone.

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2 thoughts on “Sparkled and Blazed

  1. I sit staring, my soul internalizing Augustine’s words and yours today, Emily. His ‘late ‘faith’ statement and your intimate comment, follow-up to his, have swept over my soul, washing, warming, healing me. These personal faith affirmations are what all Christians should offer to each other. Why are some Christians, especially, hesitate to talk about God, Jesus’ and their faith.?

    Augustine’s statement is very familiar to me Yours, Emily, is a continuing gift that you offer daily in simple thoughts put into words that hit me in the same way that the words of ‘the holy ones’ have shared with believers (and non-believers) over the centuries – continuing Jesus’ words and teachings to His Disciples and followers, mostly in Parables that deal with human reality and the times in which they lived as it relates to His Father who sent Him to us for three short years so that we would meet, know, and love the Father and His unchangeable, eternal love and care for us.

    (Augustine’s quote here reminds me of Francis Thompson’s ‘Hound of Heaven’ — and also Psalm 139.)

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