Lonely Unyielding Fir

A silence slipping around like death,
Yet chased by a whisper, a sigh, a breath,
One group of trees, lean, naked and cold,
Inking their crest ‘gainst a sky green-gold,
One path that knows where the corn flowers were;
Lonely, apart, unyielding, one fir;
And over it softly leaning down,
One star that I loved ere the fields went brown.
~Angelina Weld Grimke “A Winter Twilight”

I am astonished at my thirstiness
slaked by such simple things
as a moment of pink,
a burst of birdsong,
a cat balancing on a fence rail,
a focal fir that stands unyielding on a hill top,
a glimpse of tomorrow over the horizon of today.

7 thoughts on “Lonely Unyielding Fir

  1. I love your poetry, Emily. My mom, who follows you too, can always tell which posts I will be moved to comment on, so… if you guessed right, Mom, Hi! Wasn’t this poignant and beautiful today? 🙂

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  2. Yep, Kelley–here I am, being also moved by this post! Emily–your posts draw my Kelley and me together over the miles that physically separate us!! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Emily,
    I love seeing your tree, or barn, or horses in all sorts of backgrounds. Thank you for all your good postings!
    love, Victoria

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