Love on the Edge



It is at the edge of a petal that love waits…
The fragility of the flower
penetrates space

― William Carlos Williams from Spring and All








It is too easy to look for love deep in the heart of things, up front and center, at once showpiece and show off.   We think of love as reverberating from within,  loud enough for all the world to see and hear and know it is so.

But as I advance on life’s road, I have found love is quietly waiting at the periphery of people: so fragile and too easily bruised and torn – clinging to the very edge of our lives.  It is ever-present as it protects and cherishes our core, fed by fine little veins of grace which branch out to feed our tenderest margins.

Love dwells on that delicate edge of us – that exquisite, ethereal and eternal edge of who we are.







5 thoughts on “Love on the Edge

  1. I think this is one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have ever read. Jesus loves those who live on the margins of the thin, fragile, edge of society. He and sought them – us – out. Thanks for your wonderful, wonderful writing.

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  2. ….”love dwells on that delicate edge of us.” so perfectly true… this is something to be mindful of. many thanks for putting so many ideas/feelings into beautiful words to soak deep into our souls. happy gardening….

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  3. Just beautiful.
    One has to reread and pause to ponder your words.
    So true…speaks to me of hope…protects and cherishes
    And yet makes me feel sad…advancing and clinging
    So many fragile people surrounding me…aging and needing grace to endure the day.

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