A Breath Does the Rest




This dandelion has long ago surrendered its golden petals, and has reached its crowning stage of dying – the delicate seed globe must break up now – it gives and gives till it has nothing left.  The hour of this new dying is clearly defined to the dandelion globe; it is marked by detachment.  There is no sense of wrenching; it stands ready, holding up its little life, no knowing when or where or how the wind that bloweth where it listeth may carry it away.  It holds itself no longer for its own keeping, only as something to be given; a breath does the rest…
~Lilias Trotter from “The Dandelion”



The farm is covered with them now;  momentary perfection standing ready to break apart and fly whether jostled by human or animal, breeze or breath.

The sacrifice of one becomes a gift of millions. A breath started it all and ends it all.

How can it be when nothing is left, everything is gained?





3 thoughts on “A Breath Does the Rest

  1. Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. (John 12:24 Kim’s paraphrase)

    Lovely words and images.

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  2. Emily, I read this three times. The last time, I actually held my breath trying to take in the enormity of the mystery of what you have described here. This, and other mysteries and unanswered questions, is an eternal paradox: As such, all are not for our human finite minds to grasp now — but I do believe that when we finally reach ‘Home,’ our minds and our Spirit-filled souls will then be able to grasp and to understand everything that has been partially hidden from us during our brief earthly sojourn. Until that becomes our final reality, then — it is Faith, Trust, and Love in our Creator-God, in Jesus His Incarnate Son, and in the gift of the Holy Spirit within us that is sufficient and will carry us through….

    Thank you for this ‘soul food’ today, Emily.

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  3. The writings and art work of Lilias Trotter as well as the excellent biographies of her life are treasures.
    A book for children about Lilias titled “Lily The Girl Who Could See” by Sally Oxley & Tim Ladwig with Miriam Huffman Rockness is a lovely introduction to her life for children. This girl could see more than most–as can
    Emily– who shared the Dandelion piece! I am so thankful for those who use their gifts to open us more deeply
    to the Eternal.

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