Shortcake With Soul





A cobbler is shortcake with a soul…
~Edna Ferber






Just when it has seemed I couldn’t bear
one more friend
waking with a tumor, one more maniac

with a perfect reason, often a sweetness
has come
and changed nothing in the world

except the way I stumbled through it,
for a while lost
in the ignorance of loving

someone or something, the world shrunk
to mouth-size,
hand-size, and never seeming small.

I acknowledge there is no sweetness
that doesn’t leave a stain,
no sweetness that’s ever sufficiently sweet.

Often a sweetness comes
as if on loan, stays just long enough

to make sense of what it means to be alive,
then returns to its dark
source. As for me, I don’t care

where it’s been, or what bitter road
it’s traveled
to come so far, to taste so good.
~Stephen Dunn from “Sweetness”




Even when the softness of sunset lingers long
with residual stains of dappled cobbler clouds
lasting long to the sweetness of next day’s dawn,
I’m reminded to “remember this, this moment, this feeling”~

I realize that it will be lost, slipping away from me
in mere moments, a sacramental fading with time.
I can barely remember the sweetness of its taste,
so what’s left is the mere stain of its loss.

Walking this life’s cobbled path,
only guessing where it leads,
I ponder the messy sweetness
of today’s helping of soulful shortcake,
treasure it up, stains and all,
knowing I could never miss it
if I didn’t taste and savor it to begin with.







3 thoughts on “Shortcake With Soul

  1. ‘BITTERSWEET’ is a term that I often use to describe the love that has changed my life in so many ways. It came so unexpectedly late in my life and continues to be a gift that nourishes my soul and sustains me when I am buffeted by sadness and uncertainty, mostly over things over which I have no control. And, when I realize with sure knowledge that ‘forever’ has no meaning when I truly grasp the reality that I am already suspended between my human life and the spirit life I will have in eternity with
    Him, the essence of all that is Love..

    Your beautiful post today, Emily, described the term ‘bittersweet’ in the way that I experience it but could never define its elusive meaning.
    Thank you for that.

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  2. Dear Alice,

    We are stained by Him with His sweetness. It isn’t painless, by no means, but it is worth our very lives.

    Bless you and love you,


  3. I remember attending a wedding long ago in which the minister prayed for the bride and groom, “…and surprise them with moments of happiness…” which left me wondering why only moments? Why not a lifetime? Older and maybe wiser now, I realize happiness comes most often in small helpings, morsels that, taken altogether, make a more than satisfactory meal.


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