Exactly Right

I watch where I step and see
that the fallen leaf, old broken glass, an icy stone are placed in
exactly the right spot on the earth, carefully, royalty in their
own country.
~ Tom Hennen, “Looking For The Differences” from Darkness Sticks To Everything: Collected and New Poems.
If the pebble, the leaf, the mushroom
are placed exactly right
where they belong,
then so am I~even when I would rather be elsewhere,
even when I could get stepped on,
even when I would rather hide in a hole,
even when exactly right feels exactly wrong.

I’m placed exactly here,
not as royalty,
but as peasant.

7 thoughts on “Exactly Right

  1. Profoundly simple, simply beautiful, and beautifully true, for each of us. And Emily, I’m so grateful for the Lord apparently laying it on your heart to produce this daily gift of wonder for the rest of us. I don’t know how you’re able to do it on top of the rest of your busy, productive, full life–but it’s producing blessing in others’ lives far beyond what you could envision when you began this commitment! Thank you, and may you be abundantly blessed in return!


  2. Well said JoAnn! I look forward to Emily’s words everyday. Emily, I’m also grateful God is using you in this way. I’m getting up and out of bed much earlier each morning so I can fully appreciate God’s morning sunrise masterpiece. When I had was working, my day started at 5 am so I had that spectacular show as I wold head to the barm before breakfast. Since I’ve retired, I have slowly started sleeping. The 7 am show is different then the 6am.

    I remind myself often that God has me right where He needs me to be. May He find me worthy to do His work. I’m sending you prayers of love Emily, that you feel God’s love surround and continue to give you grace in all you do.


  3. What a beautiful (and healthy) attitude.
    Makes us so much more open and fertile to receive what the Lord has to say and to show us.


  4. JoAnn, I read your warm message as I hurried to work yesterday, and wish I could have responded right away — knowing there is something I can do every day that can make a difference to someone else is reason enough to do it. No, I had no concept of the commitment I was making years ago to create something new every day honoring God and the life we have been gifted. But your message reminds me why I do it! blessings again, Emily


  5. so many days I feel neither beautiful or healthy but being reminded by His Word that we fall exactly where He needs us, and many many days I’ve needed what you have to say to me, Alice. Forever grateful to you!


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