Wither Me to Within







Wither me to within me:
Welt me to weal me common again:
Withdraw to wear me weary:
Over me to hover and lover again:

Before me to form and perform me:
Round me to rill me liquid incisions:
Behind me to hunt and haunt me:
Down me to drown indecision:

Bury me to seed me: bloom me
In loam me: grind me to meal me
Knead me to rise: raise me to your mouth

Rive me to river me:
End me to unmend me:
Rend me to render me:
~Philip Metres “Prayer”


The truth is:
though we prefer to gaze on fresh beauty,
to ponder smooth youthful perfection
rather than the pocked and wrinkled
the used-up and weary,
our prayer desires His everlasting love
even when we fall in frailty.
We wither from the first day,
readying for fruit to burst forth
as we, torn and buried,
are sown to rise again.


The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.”
Isaiah 40:8












3 thoughts on “Wither Me to Within

  1. How tragic and lonely it is for those who do not have the gift of faith, that blessed assurance that they, too, are sown to rise again and bloom forever. We have Jesus’ promise that if we seek we will find that freely-given gift and the door of our soul will open wide, allowing His Spirit to enter in and make His home with us. (See Rev 3:20.)
    He will not intrude nor ignore our will nor force His Presence upon us. All we need do is to issue the invitation to Him. Once done, our lives will change forever. Our painful, fruitless spiritual wandering and uncertainty will cease. We will have ‘come home.’

    This Pentecost weekend when we joyfully celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out upon each of us and upon His entire Creation, as He promised, is the perfect time to seek out, most especially, our brothers and sisters whom we know may be looking for ‘something,’ ‘someone’ to heal their brokenness. We can tell them that we do know a very special ‘person’ who is waiting to do just that!


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