The Thirsty One

God has a use for you.

I am the vessel.
The draught is God’s.

And God is the thirsty one.
Not I.  But God in me.

Do not seek death.
Death will find you.
But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.

The road, You shall follow it.
The cup, You shall empty it.
The pain, You shall conceal it.
The truth, You shall be told it.

The end, You shall endure it.
~Dag Hammarskjöld in writings from his 1953 journal

after the wind storm of yesterday,
when rain fell in unrelenting
torrents from heaven,
we are caught in a rising current so swift
we must cling fast
or be swept away.

beyond capacity to absorb any more,
we are ready, Lord,
to empty ourselves into
your thirstiness
so we are useful for your purposes.

One thought on “The Thirsty One

  1. Tough advice from Dag Hammarskjold! But it is essentially what Jesus taught His followers.
    Hammarskjold was a man who suffered much in his personal life, according to his diaries
    and other published material following his death..
    Despite the acrimonious, dangers of the times, he persisted in his quest for worldwide human rights and integrity among nations as U.N. Secretary-General at a very difficult, tense period in post-WW-2 history.
    What irony that he was assassinated in an airplane crash in 1961 — taking the lives of other
    innocent passengers along with him.

    It is so necessary that we look back often to acknowledge and honor those brave persons who have tried to make our world a better place — many of whom were murdered for their efforts. How tragic that so many of those elected to public service, current government ‘leaders,’ et al, have chosen a different
    path — listening instead to the voices of the evil ‘puppet masters’ of the world, thereby dishonoring their
    calling, their oath of office and the wishes of the electorate and follow the voices of the ‘legions’ about whom Jesus often warned us!

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