So Much Better

How much better it is
to carry wood to the fire
than to moan about your life.
How much better
to throw the garbage
onto the compost, or to pin the clean
sheet on the line,
With a gray-brown wooden clothes pin.
~Jane Kenyon “The Clothespin”

I get easily overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done:
a full day of telehealth computer visits with patients from home but all the usual household and farm tasks waiting for me –grass to mow, flower beds to weed, garden to plant, fences to fix, manure to haul, animals to brush out — the list is endless and there are never enough hours in the day.  

So of course, I moan and whine and write about it.

Or I can set to work, tackling one thing at a time.  A simple task is accomplished, and then another, like hanging clothes on the line: this one is done, and now this one, pinned and hanging to freshen, renewed, in the spring breezes.

At the end of the day, I pull them down, bury my face in them and breathe deeply, knowing how much better I am than before I began.

So much better.

3 thoughts on “So Much Better

  1. I agree! I feel so much better about the day when I make lists and can cross things off after they are accomplished. Some lists take more than one day, but that’s okay, too!

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  2. Agree. A cherished memory. – fills my bedroom with nature’s unique. scent. Just washed my clothes lines. .Ready to go. I live on the 2nd floor so hanging sheets and blankets full length ensures shorter drying time. That, and 2 oz. Baileys Irish Cream just prior to leaving for Lily White’s Party.’ do make a difference. Better than any drugs..

    Use my clothes pins to secure plastic bags for snacks and leftovers,

    How different life was before. Do we really believe that technology has made our lives easier and more fulfilling and that we were better off in ‘the ‘olden days? We shouldn’t. .We need to look around, talk with older family members and those who remember.


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