Holding My Feet to the Fire

God is the fire my feet are held to.
~Charles Wright, from “Ars Poetica II” in Appalachia

If we think we’re going to get off easy in this life
because we do what we’re told to do:
keeping the Sabbath
and our noses clean,
saying what we ought to say
when we should say it
and keeping our mouths shut when
it is best to say nothing at all.

If we think our good deeds
and relative lack of bad deeds will save us,
we have another think coming
and a lot of explaining to do.

We walk through fire
because nothing about God’s glory
is easy. We are hidden in the cleft because He is too much for our eyes to behold.
We remove our sandals
to feel the hot coals of holy ground.
He burns without being consumed
so our hearts are scorched in His presence.

Yet His feet are blistered too.
He knows exactly how this feels.

3 thoughts on “Holding My Feet to the Fire

  1. I know what that means and have for two years or more. Thank you for these inspired thoughts, Emily. They are true, necessary, and justly blessed. Trying not to be too judgmental, I would say emphatically, in truth, that our present government leadership – at all levels – need to have this etched on their hearts and souls as they deliberately and with malice and indiscriminate greed continue to drive our citizens into more social and economic inequality, the deepening virus of sadistic violence motivated by hatred of ‘the other,’ and the pernicious amoral depravity as we try to combat their actions through constant prayer and hard work to rectify the havoc and evil that they are pursuing These people, to a person, are godless and hypocritical as they are bold and non-caring in their belief that they are gods, continuing their destruction of our once-admired Constitution and moral value system for which we have slowly tried to enact legislation in the preceding few years that ensures civil rights and justice parity in all social and economic systems. If our corrupted government leadership is not stopped or removed from office or not re-elected until they achieve their goals of accumulating personal power and wealth, our nation and its citizens will face more perilous times..

    Wisely, you reminded us in your realistic posting today, Emily — especially, in your timely message that, “NOTHING ABOUT GOD’S GLORY IS EASY.”
    But His gifts to us, now, and during our temporary earthly Journey, enable us with the love, hope and right thinking to stay in the race — AND WIN, as Paul reminded us.

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