Just to Be



Before the adults we call our children arrive with their children in tow
  for Thanksgiving,

we take our morning walk down the lane of oaks and hemlocks, mist
  a smell of rain by nightfall—underfoot,

the crunch of leathery leaves released by yesterday’s big wind.

You’re ahead of me, striding into the arch of oaks that opens onto the fields
  and stone walls of the road—

as a V of geese honk a path overhead, and you stop—

in an instant, without thought, raising your arms toward sky, your hands
  flapping from the wrists,

and I can read in the echo your body makes of these wild geese going
  where they must,

such joy, such wordless unity and delight, you are once again the child
  who knows by instinct, by birthright,

just to be is a blessing. In a fictional present, I write the moment down.
  You embodied it.
~Margaret Gibson “Moment” (featured today on The Writer’s Almanac)





3 thoughts on “Just to Be

  1. Is Margaret Gibson related to your family?
    This poem brought tears to my eyes for what we are thinking about right now… Thank you… you find such beautiful sunsets there!


  2. That one unique pic of ‘Sunset 11221413.jpg’ is spectacular… set apart in a dramatic way from an interesting viewpoint — nature’s frame in all her glory.
    Sunset pics usually leave me feeling a little sad — perhaps it is my age and the reality that comes with that — but this one did not.

    Interesting to see that Margaret Gibson gives a nod to Abraham Joshua Heschel (“Just to be…”).
    It fits in beautifully with the thoughts she expresses in her poem.


  3. I’m partial to Sunset 1413 as well, because it evokes Henri Rousseau, my favorite French Impressionist. We can easily imagine the mysterious characters…


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