Ache of Memory


Only be it understood,
It shall be no trespassing
If I come again some spring
In the grey disguise of years,
Seeking ache of memory here.
~Robert Frost from “On the Sale of My Farm”



4 thoughts on “Ache of Memory

  1. Oh, dear Emily, these few lines of Frost’s poem hit me right where I live. It brought back such accurate, sometimes painful, memories of a brief visit back to my grandmother’s home years after she had died. The new owners had made external changes to the house that had jarred me. In my mind’s eye they had ‘violated’ a sacred place where I had always found safety and love in my turbulent childhood years into my teens. I was invited in to see further changes the owners had made. I declined. I couldn’t bear to see what they had done to ‘my refuge.’

    I pray that when my time comes to return to the home that my Lord has prepared for me Grandma will be waiting there to help me make my final journey. It was the Lord who gave me the privilege of caring for Grandma in her last few pain-riddled months of life when she came to Albany to die from the cancer that had consumed her frail body. I resigned my job at the time and took care of her every day until she died. It was the greatest gift that the Lord could have given me. It gave me an insight that changed my life in ways that I could never realize.


  2. Oh, Emily, so true. I read this and see my daughter standing by the hedge surrounding my mother’s, her grandmother’s house, looking into the garden, at “her” trees, with such long that it breaks my hearth still to remember…


  3. I meant “longing”, of course. Thank you for your insights, the beautiful photographs, the moments caught in time.


  4. I think this fits for children getting married and leaving home…moving far away…living apart. Little sob.


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