Last Sweet Exhalations

photo by Josh Scholten

These things happen…the soul’s bliss
and suffering are bound together
like the grasses….

The last, sweet exhalations
of timothy and vetch
go out with the song of the bird;
the ravaged field
grows wet with dew.
~Jane Kenyon from Twilight–After Haying


So bound together–the sweetness and the suffering.
I have seen it in others and known it myself.

Renewal and rebirth come from ravage.

Already I am emptying out, not yet filling full from the lungs of eternity.
Breathing will be easy one day, so fresh, so cleansing, so infinite.

Until then,
I’m holding my breath tightly,
blessed by that last, sweet gasp.

photo by Josh Scholten

3 thoughts on “Last Sweet Exhalations

  1. Doctors
    bound to hear (here)
    We spend our lives staving off -death – is sweet eternal union
    is that what you mean?


  2. Yes, dear Kim,

    it is indeed that, and also the “already not yet” in our lives and what is to come. We know Him already, but we have yet to know the fulfillment of all His promises.


  3. I so appreciate this … I am in the midst of a hard season in life. In the middle of overwhelming disappointments in my marriage and learning to love that which I thought unlovable … thank you.


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