To Embrace a Universe

Love, we are in God’s hand.
How strange now, looks the life he makes us lead;
So free we seem, so fettered fast we are!

Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for? 

~Robert Browning from “Andrea del Sarto”

We have had names for you:
The Thunderer, the Almighty
Hunter, Lord of the snowflake
and the sabre-toothed tiger.
One name we have held back
unable to reconcile it
with the mosquito, the tidal wave,
the black hole into which
time will fall. You have answered
us with the image of yourself
on a hewn tree, suffering
injustice, pardoning it;
pointing as though in either
direction; horrifying us
with the possibility of dislocation.
Ah, love, with your arms out
wide, tell us how much more
they must still be stretched
to embrace a universe drawing
away from us at the speed of light.
~R.S.Thomas “Tell Us”

photo by our next door neighbor Bob Tjoelker

Ah, Love
You the Incarnate,
stretched and fettered to a tree

arms out wide
embracing us
who try to grasp
a heaven which eludes us

this heaven, Your heaven
brought down to us
within your wounded grip
and simply handed over.

2 thoughts on “To Embrace a Universe

  1. Have read and re-reread each stunning, perceptive thought here.
    The overall message faces us each day as we awaken to a world gone mad —
    overcome, saturated by evil, by violence, hatred, division and, most grave, is the feeling…
    the frightening reality. of the dangerous separation from our loving God
    and from all the gifts that He as given us, especially,
    His Son,Jesus, the suffering Savior who came among us to show us His Father’s love
    and to teach and guide us as we journey back to our eternal Home.
    I am left with thundering echoes of ‘yes, yes, yes’ within my soul.

    Thank you, dear Emily, for another pensive, Spirit-filled posting.

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