How Love Begins

I tell myself softly, this is how love begins—
the air alive with something inconceivable,
seeds of every imaginable possibility
floating across the wet grasses, under
the thin arms of ferns. It drifts like snow
or old ash, settling on the dust of the roadways
as you and I descend into thickets, flanked
by the fragrance of honeysuckle and white

I recall how my grandmother imagined
these wanderers were living beings,
some tiny phylum yet to be classified as life.
She would say they reminded her of maidens
decked in white dresses, waltzing through air.
Even after I showed her the pods from which
they sprang, blossoming like tiny spiders,
she refused to believe.

Now, standing beside you in the crowded
autumn haze, I watch them flock, emerge from
brittle stalks, bursting upon the world as
young lovers do—trysting in the tall grasses,
resting fingers lightly in tousled hair.
Listen, and you can hear them whisper
in the rushes, gazing out at us, wondering—
what lives are these?

~Bradford Tice, “Milkweed,” from Rare Earth

We all need to recall the wonder of love –
how it forms, how it grows
hidden away in a pod of potential
until the right moment of emergence.

Then love looks around shyly,
wondering at the world
it is meant to transform
by simply overwhelming it.

One thought on “How Love Begins

  1. I’m with Mr. Tice’s grandmother on this one. Reality is important (especially in this time in our history when we hear
    lies and more lies and little about the truths that we need to face…,

    Emily, your affirmation that [love] is’ hidden away in a pod of potential’ is the language of dreams, hopes and trust in God’s knowing what and when we need it in our life.

    One of the loveliest and holiest descriptions about love is God’s omniscient, faithful love for us as expressed in Psalm 139.

    And the Greeks — use six or seven words in their lexicon to define ‘love.’

    Thank you for this timely post today, dear Emily. It is obvious that you sense the need for these words, these
    reminder truisms to hold close to our hearts and remember when events and attitudes become unbearable for
    our minds to accept.

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