A Daisy Vanished

So has a Daisy vanished
From the fields today—
So tiptoed many a slipper
To Paradise away—

Oozed so in crimson bubbles
Day’s departing tide—
Are ye then with God?

~Emily Dickinson (28)

We may be as ephemeral
as the daisies of the field,
but we are not lost to God.

Our hearts swirl and spiral
into the vortex of infinity
that only contains Him.

2 thoughts on “A Daisy Vanished

  1. Beautiful thoughts by both ‘Emilys.’

    Meshed together, they re-assure me\\us
    that all things — ALL THINGS —
    fashioned by our Creator-God return to
    Him at some point after their brief earthly existence.
    He cannot bear to lose ” one of His Own….”
    He will search His Universe to find a lost seed or gene….

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