A World of Moments

The evening comes slowly over us,
over the cardinal and the wren still
feeding, over the swallows suddenly
swooping to snatch up mosquitoes

over the marsh where the green
sedge lately has a tawny tinge
over two yearlings bending long
necks to nibble hillock bushes

finally separate from their doe
mother. A late hawk is circling
against the sky streaked lavender.
The breeze has quieted, vanished

into leaves that still stir a bit
like a cat turning round before
sleep. Distantly a car passes
and is gone. Night gradually

unrolls from the east where
the ocean slides up and down
the sand leaving seaweed tassels:
a perfect world for moments.

~Marge Piercy “June 15th, 8pm”

photo by Harry Rodenberger of a swallow fledgling

So many daily moments pass by me, like raindrops flowing away in a stream — I can’t capture and hold them. They run through my fingers like water, leaving behind only a residue of memory.

Yet each is a moment of perfection, even as I lose my grasp on it. I can write a word or record a picture, yet most precious is the gift of time itself.

A moment given, a moment breathed, a moment vanished, lived fully and never to come again.

3 thoughts on “A World of Moments

  1. I’ve been reading your posts for a couple years now. I thought it was finally time (overdue!) to thank you for your writing, the photographs, and the many bits of literature that you include. I enjoy them all.

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  2. And, in the last photo here — a final blessing for our gifts in the form of muted wispy rays from our Creator-God as He sees all and agrees that it IS good.
    Indeed it is! And we will be the poorer for it if we do not care for and protect their fragile habitat.

    (For me, Deer, along with your Haflingers, Emily, have the most expressive eyes that speak of innocence with a certain blush of mystery and magic.)
    Thank you for sharing with us again.

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