Time’s Insidious Wrinkle



Like Time’s insidious wrinkle
On a beloved Face
We clutch the Grace the tighter
Though we resent the crease
~Emily Dickinson











People are more than just the way they look.
~Madeleine L’Engle from A Wrinkle in Time











Just a glance in the mirror tells me all I need to know:

these creases I see remind me
each wrinkle is grace in action,
so tangible, so telling, so mobile –
they multiply particularly when I smile
so I must smile more often.

I won’t hide them
nor tighten them away
or inject them smooth.

Instead I’ll grin at the wrinkle of time’s passing
knowing each line gained
is grace clutched tightly
in my otherwise loosening grasp.


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8 thoughts on “Time’s Insidious Wrinkle

  1. Emily, you are beautiful. You look like someone with rich laughter, who can hold the tales of six generations in a coffee cup. Some people just LOOK like they have held life with humor and with tenderness. I love your face!

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  2. What a wonderful reminder, Emily, of what ‘beauty’ REALLY is. Each wrinkle, each little imperfection, is like a road map of where we have been, evidence of how we have ‘weathered the storm’ of our life, what we have ‘done’ with that precious life.. When I see an elderly person with deeply wrinkled, gnarled hands for example, I try to imagine all that that person has done with them: the work that they did to support their family; the times that they physically cared for and consoled others in illness or as their life ebbed away, helping to ease their transition into eternity; the meals that they prepared and served to their families; the hours spent holding babies as they finally cease crying and fussing and fall into exhausted sleep; the heirlooms laboriously created in their workshop or sewed and passed on to grateful relatives and friends; the many times that they cooked a meal and brought it to a sick neighbor, or a needy family; the ‘worry lines’ that appear on our forehead and upper lip that often bespeak deep concern for a loved one who is suffering or who has taken a wrong path on their journey and is in peril; the times our fathers taught us to ride a bike, to bait a fish hook, to throw a perfect pitch; to hold us tightly in his arms when we were bullied or felt fear of the unknown; to stay in a job that he detested because he took seriously the need to support and care for his family…..

    I could keep going with examples but each person has his and her own memories of loved ones’ wrinkles and inevitable signs of aging.
    For me, they are precious memories, testament to a life unselfishly lived – always for others and not for self – or for what the ‘world’ tells us what miracle cosmetics we must buy and use on our bodies, or dangerous, expensive surgical interventions that purport to make us temporarily more beautiful, trying to hide or deny our natural life maturation and experience.

    The point is, of course, that it is not the external façade that is important or that we will remember about a person. It is their unselfish, freely-given love and service to others – that compassion and understanding directed outward – that God sees and that must give Him great joy. This giving of ourselves comes easily to those we love and hold in esteem. It is difficult, almost impossible at times, to extend that same attitude toward those who are selfish and hurtful. Only Jesus’ indwelling Spirit within can help us to overcome that hurdle. So, we accept the challenge and do what must be done in His Name.

    Thank you, Beautiful Woman, for your thoughts today – and for those spectacular photos that appropriately enhance your words – including the one of you and your life partner. The way that you are enfolding each other speaks for itself.

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  3. When I read this I thought about…Just last evening I was deadheading some flowers.
    This morning I am unsubscribing from a bunch of websites.
    I can’t keep up and don’t want to have such a full inbox.
    But. you…I will keep on coming.
    Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement via your words.

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  4. no greater honor, Linda, than to survive the occasional “purge”! I do purges myself and it does help to hone in on what helps me start and finish my day. Thank you for this… blessings, Emily


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