Hope is Borne on Wings









Hope is borne on wings. Look at the trees. They turn to gold
for a brief while, then lose it all each November.
Through the cold months, they stand, take the worst
weather has to offer. And still, they put out shy green leaves
come April, come May. 
~Barbara Crooker from “Sometimes I am Startled Out of Myself” 




IMG_0292 copy



Trees have wings too — and not only the feathered kind that rest briefly in their branches before taking flight again, to wheel and glide on the breeze.

The wings on trees don’t fly until fall.  They bud and blossom and fledge and wave in the wind and turn golden and then, like birds they are released to the sky.

So hope is born when borne on wings.



“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
~Emily Dickinson









3 thoughts on “Hope is Borne on Wings

  1. Thank you, dear Emily.

    I cannot imagine anything more deadly, more destructive to our human souls than not to have the light of hope burning within our being. Even if, at times, it may be no more than an ember, a tiny spark — just enough to have it present within as a reminder that our loving Creator-God IS present to us for every breath that we take, every step that we make. That is the only thing that keeps me functioning — especially in the violent, hedonistic, Godless time of suffering and hatred in which we are now living where His existence is denied and desecrated, His Incarnate Son Jesus’ message to us is mocked and ignored, and the Holy Spirit is likened to some magic, or fairy tale, rather than the living Voice and Presence of God ever within us.

    As a Gaelic-Irish octogenarian woman of Hope, if I did not have that gift, that reality, I would “turn my face
    to the wall’ as I waited for Him to take me ‘home.’ (That is a direct quote from my County Mayo Irish great-grandmother whose atavistic memory is stamped upon my soul.)

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  2. Thank you, dear Emily. (However, ‘better than I,’ as you so generously write in your compliment is not in my vocabulary.)
    I consider that it is YOU, a multi-gifted prophet in your far-ranging milieu, and all who echo your confirmation of the WORD’s timeless blessed message (reminder) to be ‘disciples’ of Jesus, together with all who have followed Him for the past 2000+ years, to be spreaders, sharers of that truth — the message that must be spread continually to the ends of the earth until all have heard it! Jesus promised his followers (and us by extension). that he would never leave us orphans, that He would be with us always –.AND HE IS — in His unseen but faithful Presence, by the clarion call of His modern-day prophets, and in the lives of our brothers and sisters who try to live out the MESSAGE in their lives – many of whom are often called to pay a terrible cost, including their very lives, for so doing — the price, the consequence, demanded by the ‘world’s’ hatred — and fear — of the Good News!


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