Rise and Set





No matter
No matter what happens between the sunrise and the sunset
No matter what happens between the sunset and the sunrise
It doesn’t matter.

What matters:

the rise and the set
the set and the rise

keep coming
through troubles
and sickness
joy and heartbreak
birth and death
loss and gain
keep coming

the earth continues
to turn
to grant
a new start
a new day

then settles
to offer
a peaceful sleep
a quiet night

which matters so much
more than anything in between
so much more
so much





3 thoughts on “Rise and Set

  1. The morning I found out my son died, the sky looked like the second picture. Yesterday was that painful anniversary. Your words made today easier, and my reliance on God surer.


  2. Perhaps that was heaven’s greeting for your son and it became his farewell. Maybe every time you see a colorful sunrise, it is like he is telling you all is well no matter how deep the loss. Such a hard thing for us to fathom on this side of the veil. Love and blessings to you, Martha from Emily at Barnstorming


  3. Martha, may God give You continual comfort on this Earth, and may you rest assured of His promise of Eternal Life. God be with you always.


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