Now Let the Day Decline




But hark! the drowsy day has done its task,
Far in yon hazy field where stands a barn,
Unanxious hens improve the sultry hour
And with contented voice now brag their deed—
A new laid egg—Now let the day decline—
They’ll lay another by tomorrow’s sun.
~Henry David Thoreau from “I’m thankful that my life doth not deceive”
We cycle, reassured, from the decline into night, climbing back into day to descend yet again into night,
even at summer-sultry 90+ degrees.
There will be a new sun tomorrow
reddened in the smoky haze of wildfires.
There will be new eggs tomorrow,
bright, clean, fresh, announced by hen-cackle.There will be a tomorrow
and I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “Now Let the Day Decline

  1. Oh how I miss our chickens and their Wonderful eggs!! Here on our urban quarter-acre we’re allowed four hens … ours have all passed on; am hoping to get four new wee chicks next Spring!


  2. – Another dawn to thank our God for all of His often taken-for-granted gifts — His beautiful, sustaining Creation, His promises, His love, mercy, forgiveness generously
    bestowed, His Holy Spirit within us;
    – Second chances to heal differences, to make amends, to seek forgiveness from Him and from those whom we have misjudged, ignored their pleas (expressed and tacit)
    for our help on their Journey;
    – For all the hurts that we have inflicted on each other, by commission or by omission;
    – To recognize and to thank those who travel with us on our Journey, or who have completed theirs — all who have helped us by their encouragement and example as we
    continue on our own Journey;
    – So much to do, so many good intentions, so little time….

    (“…about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.’ Matt. 24: 36, NIV)


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