Sacred Intoxication



For half-an-hour he writes words upon a scrap of paper….
words in which the soul’s blood pours out, like the body’s blood from a wound.

He writes secretly this mad diary,
all his passion and longing,

his dark and dreadful gratitude to God,
his idle allegories,
the tales that tell themselves in his head;
the joy that comes on him sometimes (he cannot help it)
at the sacred intoxication of existence

~G.K. Chesterton in a letter to his fiancé



I can grumble with the best of the them, especially over the last few months of watching presidential election politics unfold at this particular time in our country’s history. There is camaraderie in shared grumbling, as well as an exponential increase in dissatisfaction as everyone shares their frustrations over how we have come to this.

But I know better. I’ve seen where grousing leads and I can feel it aching in my bones when I’m steeped in it. The sky is grayer, the clouds are thicker, the night is darker–on and on to its overwhelming suffocating conclusion.

I have the privilege to choose joy, to turn away from the bleak and simply seek and bathe in the warmth and wonder of each new day. Like an opportunistic cat finding that one ray of sun and melting into it, I can absorb and equip myself to be radiant as well. It is not putting on a “happy face” — instead joy adopts me, holds me close in the tough times and won’t abandon me. Though at times joy may dip temporarily behind a cloud, I know it is there even when I can’t feel it.

Joy is mine to choose because joy has chosen me.




6 thoughts on “Sacred Intoxication

  1. I choose Joy . . .

    Although, some days seem bleek… I have a choice to choose Joy…which sometimes, I tend to forget .

    Thank You so much, for the reminder.


  2. Thank you for showing how we can choose to redirect our thoughts from grumbling to praise and thanksgiving. And thank you for including the great quote by Chesterton…… the sacred intoxication of existence….


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