Marching Orders




All my life I have risen regularly at four o’clock and have gone into the woods and talked to God. There He gives me my orders for the day.
George Washington Carver

To rise early is to know the quiet solitude before dawn and look out with anticipation upon the expanse of an unwritten day. The ordained details are unknown to me and that is just as well. If I knew what was coming,  I might dive back under the covers, trying in vain to hide.

So when I do get up early and talk to God, mostly I listen. I am asked to trust and leave the details up to Him.

Then I try to obey, as best I can muster. Too often I mess up: I head off in the wrong direction, turn left instead of right, trip over my own feet, fall flat on my face.

So I’m pulled up out of the dirt yet again, dusted off, and sent marching on all day into the sunset, the way clearly demarcated, the pathway straight.

Even I can’t miss it and can’t mess it up.

Thank God.



7 thoughts on “Marching Orders

  1. Perfect timing! Right in tune with my heart early this morning and my prayers for obedience and trust. Thank you for sharing : )


  2. I’ve always liked the early morning best; when God is walking the world up. You have inspired me to get up an hour earlier again to listen for my orders. Thank you for such beautiful photos with your sweet words.


  3. Wonderful, timely, Emily. Thank you.
    Thank you, too, mconway, for your comment echoing the necessity for obedience and trust. Both are integral in our relationship with our Lord.

    The main fallacy as I perceive it is our thinking that, when we fall, we can just get up and straighten ourselves out with no help – from anyone. (‘No thanks, I’m okay. I can do it myself.’) Wow. We have just set ourselves up for a whole lot of trouble.

    When I fall (which is more often that I care to admit), I need to look around – hoping to see the Lord’s strong, loving arm extended to me. Than I know I will be ok – until the next time. I don’t think that our Lord demands perfection from us. I believe that He just wants to know that we will admit to our need for Him and that we can forsake our ego and our stubborn independence and will ask for His help when we fail or when we wade too far out into deep waters.


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