A Continual State of Surprise





So strange, life is. 
Why people do not go around
in a continual state of surprise
is beyond me.
~William Maxwell




If I stop and really look at something I usually pass by with only a cursory glance, I am astonished at what I didn’t notice before.

Inside and up close is an unfamiliar richness and strangeness, as if of a foreign world.  I might miss seeing it altogether if I didn’t find the time to be surprised by life.

It is beyond me how much is beyond me.
It is all beyond me.





7 thoughts on “A Continual State of Surprise

  1. Yes! God’s creation is a continual feast of wonder, if we only notice! For some reason, this brings a memory to my mind. A picture of two people crouched in the dust, wondering over an ant hill, at the busyness and creativity of the tiny creatures. One of the people was my 10-year-old daughter. The other was my 25-year-old nephew, who, after removal of a brain tumor, was left with the wondering, curious, beautiful soul of a child.


  2. Beautiful, Emily.
    A prescient observation of how much we lose as we are forced by time constraints or by worries to cope with the busyness and constant demands upon our daily lives. It seems that we have shunted our God-given senses and our appreciation for His gifts into a forced hibernation.

    I have found that this failure, or loss, carries over into the brief, cursory relations that we have with others with whom we share the human journey — our fellow travelers whom we fail to notice or ‘to see’ as we pass by each other in what may be called ‘protective silence and anonymity.’

    Unseen miracles may occur if we take just a few seconds to look into each other’s eyes. What we find there is a mirror image of the same pain, fear, suspicion and distrust, prejudices, and perhaps loneliness that we both share but are loath to admit.

    Adding a gentle smile that travels to their eyes and eventually to their soul is an unseen caress by God that can change them – and us – forever.


  3. “Adding a gentle smile that travels to their eyes and eventually to their soul is an unseen caress by God that can change them – and us – forever.”
    Alice, that is so true!! Thank you for pointing it out–a powerful reminder!


  4. Amazing photos. Often while traveling by car, and not driving, I’ll look to the side of the road to focus in on a plant, tree or even a patch of grass. I then marvel at the truth that even a blade of grass is unique with its one life. And further marvel that in all the world there is no other exactly like it. How much more then are we?


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