Everything Will Be Okay

Whisper to the workers
and they’ll bring the news to the queen.
When a beekeeper dies
someone is assigned to tell her
bees that she’s gone,
they shouldn’t expect
the scent of her skin,
the sound of her voice.
They need to know who
will look in on them.
Sometimes I do tell my ladies
about what will affect them:
it will be getting hotter
in the next few years.
I’ll give them water and sugar
to replace their losses,
but there will be new
parasites coming north.
I don’t know what I’ll do.
They don’t care, none of it
matters in a 3-week lifespan
in a world of nectar and pollen,
dearth and flow.
So mostly I keep it simple,
tell them everything
will be ok, you’re strong
and good; the cell walls are solid,
the queen will keep laying,
the magnet of the poles
will bring you home.
~Sara Eddy, from Tell the Bees

After the last ee
had uzzed its last uzz,

the irds and the utterflies
did what they could.

ut soon the fields lay are,
few flowers were left,

nature was roken,
and the planet ereft.
~Brian Bilston “The Last Bee”

This would be a bereft world indeed without bees…

I am awed and inspired by apiarists. Our niece Andrea has been bee-keeping for over a decade, keeping hives at home in nearby Skagit Valley as well as moving them during growing season to pollinate the blooms at Floret Flower Farm and other beautiful places.

A beekeeper must be a loving and patient person; the bees know who loves them, and who will always be there to care for them.

An old Celtic tradition necessitates sharing any news from the household with the farm’s bee hives, whether cheery like a new birth or a wedding celebration or sad like a family death.  This ensures the hives’ well-being and continued connection to home and community – the bees are kept in the loop, so to speak, so they stay at home, not swarm and move on to a more hospitable place.

So, sweet bees – I hope your short little life remains safe and predictable so you and your descendants can continue to pollinate the world.

Everything will be okay.

Otherwise, no more bees would ultimately mean – no more anything.


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