Trusting All This to be True

Trust that there is a tiger, muscular
Tasmanian, and sly, which has never been
seen and never will be seen by any human
eye. Trust that thirty thousand sword-
fish will never near a ship, that far
from cameras or cars elephant herds live
long elephant lives. Believe that bees
by the billions find unidentified flowers
on unmapped marshes and mountains. Safe
in caves of contentment, bears sleep.
Through vast canyons, horses run while slowly
snakes stretch beyond their skins in the sun.
I must trust all this to be true, though
the few birds at my feeder watch the window
with small flutters of fear, so like my own.
~Susan Kinsolving “Trust”

When I stand at the window watching the flickers, sparrows, finches, chickadees, and red-winged blackbirds come and go from the feeders, I wonder who is watching who.  They remain wary of me, fluttering away quickly if I approach.  They fear capture, even within a camera.  They have a life to be lived without my witness or participation.  So much happens that I never see or know about; it would be overwhelming to absorb it all.

I understand:  I fear being captured too.

Even if only for a moment as an image preserved forever, I know it doesn’t represent all I am, all I’ve done, all I feel, all my moments put together.  The birds are, and I am, so much more than one moment.

Only God sees me fully in every moment that I exist, witness to my freedom and captivity, my loneliness and grief, my joy and tears, knowing my very best and my very worst.

And He is not overwhelmed by what He sees of me. He knows me so well, in Him I must trust.

photo by Larry Goldman (Gombe National Park, Tanzania)


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4 thoughts on “Trusting All This to be True

  1. Thank you for reminding who sees us for all we are and still loves us…fully known & fully loved!
    Thank you also for pointing us to a good good Father. I love your face, it radiates Jesus’ love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful, healing observation to ponder. We humans DO, I think, assume that we are all that exists – ‘out there,’ in a separate God-created habitat, failing to consider all other species living their lives on their own terms, sharing a mutual habitat – their lives. their existence, also created by our Living God.

    Thank you, dear Emily, for the nourishing helping of Wisdom for our souls — and for a pic of your happy, smiling face.

    Liked by 1 person

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