When the Rain Began

The room darkened, darkened until
our nakedness became a form of gray;
then the rain came bursting,
and we were sheltered, blessed,
upheld in a world of elements
that held us justified.
In all the love I had felt for you before,
in all that love,
there was no love
like that I felt when the rain began…
~John Updike from “The Blessing” from Collected Poems.

As the rains return,
we shelter together,
blessed by years and miles,
our unknown become known,
our understanding breathed in silence.
Though we be gray as the clouds above,
our hearts beat in synchrony
each pulsing moment
more sacred than the last.

4 thoughts on “When the Rain Began

  1. seeing myself and husband in you and yours….as always, thanks for your timely words and most beautiful photos!! it will be wonderful to meet you in glory one day!

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  2. It wasn’t until I viewed your post today in its entirety, Emily, that I thought of Updike’s poetic excerpt as a metaphor for aging, especially in the long-term relationship between a man and woman in marriage..
    Two of the photos also reminded me of: 1. The exquisite white flour with what appears to be a red rose centered within it. This could be the purity of our souls with a visual reminder of Jesus’ Precious Blood that was shed for us. 2. The tri-colored wrinkled aging leaf, still showing its natural process of dying with the faith-filled surety that it will return as ‘new growth’ of life and beauty when the time is appropriate.

    In sum, it is an affirmation of our souls’ communion with our Creator-God (the Blessed Trinity), source of all love and goodness.

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