To Find the Poem Itself





In science we have been reading only the notes to a poem:
in Christianity we find the poem itself.
~C.S. Lewis from Miracles






Science fails when we need a miracle:
it can’t
~love us always no matter what,
~give us reason to keep on living when we want to give up,
~grasp the hand of the dying who aren’t ready,
~provide hope to the weak and courage to the fearful,
~become sacrifice for all we’ve done wrong,
~redeem us through everlasting forgiveness and grace.

Science is merely the footnote
to a Word and Truth more vast:
a fermata allowing us just a long enough rest to admire Creation,
dwelling for a moment of silence
inside His ultimate symphonic Work.








5 thoughts on “To Find the Poem Itself

  1. I disagree with this a little. I believe science can provide hope and courage depending on what the problem is and what the solution might be. I also believe that science and it’s findings are God-given so I wouldn’t give it such such short shrift. Otherwise there’s beauty in these statements.

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  2. Hi Carolyne,
    I don’t think we disagree too much here – I too believe science, as it is revealed to us, is God-given, but we look through the glass darkly and don’t see as much as we think we do. So much we don’t know and discover that what was once believed to be scientific truth is no longer. It is nothing like the unchangeable truth of God’s Word, much of which is yet to be revealed. Blessings, Emily

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