The Grass of Heaven











Green hills, 
mist, rich
rising ridge
fog filled
plunging fields
black, weightless
rise poised
from bare bank
the grass of
~Steven Federle












May is always an overwhelming time of year – my senses work overtime with the feel of cool air mornings and evenings, the fragrance of blossoms everywhere, the dawn chorus of birdsong and the nightly coyote choir and peeper swamp symphony, the softness of mist rising from warm ground and the explosion of green – everywhere.

We are happily drowning in green – so much to be done quickly:  mowed, gathered, stored, treasured.

Surely heaven too is mostly green.  It can be no other.









7 thoughts on “The Grass of Heaven

  1. Emily,

    Beautiful writing this morning. You squeeze so much into so few words.
    I’d like to see even more concentration & brevity as you continue.

    I must acknowledge being agnostic, so your knowing religious references
    sometimes distance me, but I believe that your first two paragraphs are
    almost as beautiful as it gets.



    Terry Hourigan, RN
    The Osler Symposia
    – founding board

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  2. Oh my! I, for one, hope you don’t change what you are doing. While not Catholic, I love the practice of Lectio Divina, a deep form of meditation, usually on scripture, but I use your pages and photos for that almost every day. God always has something to say to the listening heart. Your’s is a listening heart, Emily. Don’t hold back.

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  3. Lovely. Newly-grown Spring grass, especially covered with dew or washed by a gentle rain has such a unique, memorable scent. Your Haflinger beauty looks as if he (she) has already found ‘heaven’!

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  4. Emily–Kellie’s responses to this post create such a soul response in me that I need to thank both you and her! You both apparently have poetic hearts, so that even your prose is poetic! I don’t have that gift, but I do have a heart that responds to it with gladness! And I’m reminded that I need to be more mindful about responding to your posts. Since they nearly always move me and add grace and meaning to my days, I surely should let you know!!
    And your photos this morning, I’m convinced, have allowed me to inhale the wonderful fresh grass of Heaven!! : )

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  5. Who better to appreciate the joy of grass than one of your Haflinger beauties? Your photos always touch me with their deep love of creation, but the addition of a Haflinger adds so much depth. The pleasure they take in their corner of earthly paradise is a gentle reminder to all of us.

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