What Remains of My Day





What is pertinent is the calmness of beauty, its sense of restraint. It is as though the land knows of its own beauty, its own greatness, and feels no need to shout it…

For a great many people, the evening is the most enjoyable part of the day. Perhaps, then, there is something to his advice that I should cease looking back so much, that I should adopt a more positive outlook and try to make the best of what remains of my day.

After all, what can we ever gain in forever looking back and blaming ourselves if our lives have not turned out quite as we might have wished?
~Kazuo Ishiguro from The Remains of the Day






To make myself understood and to diminish the distance between us, I called out:
“I am an evening cloud too.”
They stopped still, evidently taking a good look at me.
Then they stretched towards me their fine, transparent, rosy wings.
That is how evening clouds greet each other.
They had recognized me.

― Rainer Maria RilkeStories of God




During the quiet moments in the evening after we ascend the hill to watch the sun descend the sky, we see clouds move and change in the diminishing light.  They’re unable to remain the same as they are pushed across the horizon, constantly reinvented and renewed, adopting new shapes, new colors, new juxtapositions.

Even when I believe things will never change, they will,  and I will.  What is left of the remains of the day may be the best yet.

If I stop, watch and listen, I’ll soon hear that greeting of recognition.






6 thoughts on “What Remains of My Day

  1. It is obvious, Emily, even to a casual observer, that you already have one foot in the mystical realm of ‘heaven’ as you traverse, explore, and share with us the astounding, ever-changing multi-hued drama of our Creator-God’s exquisite, eye-searing beauty, as you see — really, REALLY SEE it with the eyes of your soul day after day from its incipient promising beginning to its soft quiet ‘remains.’ In your sharing of this reality with us you make our souls sing with joy, hope, possibilities — even if only for one moment. in time…Thank you..

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  2. Same with the sunrise. I have a nice sunroom with lots of windows looking to the east.
    The movement of the clouds, the colors, the sun sometimes brilliantly greeting me and sometimes appearing and disappearing behind the clouds all give me a lift for the start of a new day.
    So much variety. So much beauty.

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  3. “Even when I believe things will never change, they will, and I will. What is left of the remains of the day may be the best yet.”
    What a timely quote for me, as yesterday I officially retired! This gave me such hope and excitement!

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