Peak and Valley





One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak.
— G. K. Chesterton










It is all a matter of perspective
and what we perceive from where we stand:
it takes great strength and determination to climb the peak,
and look down upon the valley left far below
where even mountains seem diminished.

Yet what gives life meaning,
what encourages our faith,
and instills hope
is how we thrive while dwelling
deep in the darkest of valleys while
gazing up at the dream-like peaks.





photo by Josh Scholten — view of Mt Shuksan from the top of Mt. Baker


photo by Josh Scholten – dawn from the top of Mt. Baker, seeing its shadow to the west






3 thoughts on “Peak and Valley

  1. Cannot find adjectives worthy of the depth and meaning of your post, dear Emily.
    Have read it again and again. Especially comforting are your comments about the reality of our human journey for much of the time – especially at this discouraging time in our history. Faith and hope (our ‘secret weapons’)as witnessed in Jesus’ life and His message to us are without doubt two of the greatest gifts that His Spirit has instilled in our souls. Trying to ‘go it alone’ without that support and guidance would be like walking in darkness and desperation. Thank you for your ‘gift’ to us today….

    The photos of your ‘neighbors,’ those majestic, stately mountains are a visual treat. Such beauty all together in one state.. Glad to see two of them are named. Will do a little research to learn more about them, and others that I have heard named in pasts posts.

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  2. Beautifully said. And we are never alone….I hear Psalm 23 so clearly in my soul, in my heart. Thank you Emily for your glorious photos.


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