Bleeding Sweetness



Sometimes it’s not about
seeking, but of receiving,
the way a plum takes in light,
an inner ripening that cracks
its perfect purple skin,
and sweetness, an amber rivulet,
crusts along the gash.
~Lois Parker Edstrom from “The Lesson of Plums”


Our silver plum tree is a lot like some people I know:  most of the time barely noticeable, hanging on the periphery of the crowd,  fairly reserved and unobtrusive.  But their roots go deep and the nourishment is substantial,  so they bear fruit, no doing things half-way.   The feast is plentiful and abundant, the meal glorious, despite a bitter skin.

They bleed out sweet.


2 thoughts on “Bleeding Sweetness

  1. Thank you, Emily.

    The souls whom you have described herein are familiar to me, as they obviously are to you. The Hebrew word for such people was very broadly translated ‘anawim,’ a word that encompassed the humble, the poor, the silent, the suffering ones, those considered unimportant, inconsequential in the eyes of much of their society. (Sadly, that same attitude continues to spawn cruel injustices among ALL society today – millennia later.)

    In the first of Matthew’s five Discourses, in the familiar ‘Sermon on the Mount’ (Mt. 5:3 – 7:27),
    Jesus refers to such people as ‘the salt of the earth,’ and those who ‘let their light shine before others.’

    When I encounter such people today I am reminded of the continuing Presence of the silent, faithful work of the Holy Spirit in our midst, as that Spirit works through them to the glory of the Kingdom that is now present among us and whose promised fulfillment is yet to come.

    If we do not immediately recognize such people by their demeanor, or by their outward appearance, we will surely recognize them by God’s love shining forth through their eyes!


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