Too Many Dwindled Dawns

Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.
~Emily Dickinson in a letter to a friend April 1885

Over the years, the most common search term bringing new readers to my Barnstorming blog is “dwindled dawn.”

I have written about Emily Dickinson’s “dwindles” on a number of occasions before when I miss having a house full of our three children, now spread far with families of their own. Even so, I had not really been diagnosed with a serious case myself until the last two years of COVID-time.

I am clearly not the only one. “Dwindles” have spread across the globe during the COVID pandemic more quickly than the virus.

There really isn’t a pill or other therapy that works well for dwindling. One of the most effective treatments is breaking bread with friends and family all in the same room, at the same table, lingering over conversation or singing together in harmony, because there really is nothing more vital for us to do.

Just being together is the ultimate cure.

Maybe experiencing friend and family deficiency will help us understand how crucial we are to one another. Sadly, due to the pandemic, too many are now gone forever, lost to further gatherings together. It is high time to replenish the reservoir before we all dwindle away to nothing.

So if you are visiting these words for the first time because you too searched for “dwindled dawn” — welcome to Barnstorming. We can stave off the dwindles by joining together in our shared isolation.

Because mornings without you all diminishes me.
I just want you to know.


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8 thoughts on “Too Many Dwindled Dawns

  1. It’s morning, and I’m right here, Emily. One of the many who delight in your writing and deep take on life.
    I didn’t know you had retired until your post yesterday or the day before.
    Be well, knowing you have large community.
    Amrita Skye

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  2. You are part of my mornings Emily. I begin devo’s with your blog. I feel a kindredness with you and appreciate this blog so much. I feel we are long-distance friends, thank you for this. God bless you! ♥

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  3. “Family” is crucial to our identity. When it dwindles down, we ‘survivors’ feel naked, alone, severed.
    It is necessary for the ‘survivors’ (next generation ?) to regroup while still trying to stay united as a
    distinct unit – regardless of geographic differences. Family albums, old letters, photographs, videos, etc. can be the building blocks. They must be kept, read, and stories told about those who came before
    In a certain sense, these things will serve as our ‘moorings.’

    The ‘Editor’ here has reminded us that, “many of us are not visible!
    To me, that thought extended includes those who have left when their earthly Journey ended and
    are now present in their ‘forever’ home — eternity! We have merely to close our eyes
    for a moment and see them seated in their usual places around the family dining table and hear
    their voices to enjoy their ‘presence’ anew.

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  4. Good morning my friend, I appreciate you so very much and look forward to connect with you everyday through Barnstorming. You have blessed me in so many ways. I have a deeper love & appreciation for poetry to name just one. My life is richer just because you have decided to share your gifts & talents.
    Blessings to you & your sweet family!

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