Like Time’s Insidious Wrinkle

Like Time’s insidious wrinkle
On a beloved Face
We clutch the Grace the tighter
Though we resent the crease
~Emily Dickinson

People are more than just the way they look.
~Madeleine L’Engle from A Wrinkle in Time

1971 – not a wrinkle in sight

Just a glance in the mirror tells me all I need to know:

the creases I see remind me
each wrinkle shows my life in action,
so tangible, so telling, so mobile –
they multiply particularly when I smile and laugh
so I must do both more often.

I won’t hide them
nor tighten them away
or inject them smooth.

Instead I’ll grin at the wrinkle of time’s passing
knowing each line gained
is grace clutched tightly
in my otherwise loosening grasp.

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10 thoughts on “Like Time’s Insidious Wrinkle

  1. I laugh every time I watch an anti-wrinkle cream advert on TV. Of course, they use women with nary a wrinkle on their face. They’ve not lived!

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  2. You were pretty and cute as a girl even more precious as an adult!! You have a very warm and welcoming face.

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  3. I love the last picture of you particularly – so joyful! And, oh, the wisdom behind your eyes . . . and love.

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  4. Well said, dear Emily.
    (My wrinkles, lines, and brown spots are unique and
    each has a meaning as time marches on.)

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  5. Authentic joy & beauty is what I see…something no amount of money or cosmetic surgery could buy. Priceless!


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