He Does Not Leave Us Where We Are: The Storm Within

Beneath our clothes, our reputations, our pretensions,
beneath our religion or lack of it,
we are all vulnerable both to the storm without
and to the storm within.
~Frederick Buechner – from Telling the Truth

This past month’s storms have been tumultuous on the outside:
heavy winds toppling a large tree into our friends’ bed room at midnight narrowing missing the bed in which they slept, unexpected regional snowfall, torrential showers, dark threatening clouds on the horizon.

Yet March’s storms are not limited to just the weather:
hundreds of thousands of people sickened by a virus that can kill within days or simply be spread by unwitting asymptomatic people, businesses shut down, hospitals and clinics overwhelmed, hoarding behavior resulting in shortages of products addressing basic needs.

And storms inside my cranium:
at times I feel fearful for myself and my extended family living far away, my words fly out too quickly, my anxiety mixes with frustration, my tears spill too easily, I am immobilized by limitations on where I can go and who I can visit.

This past month and the months to come may well be filled with continued hardship, but I won’t blame the calendar for what has happened. I am not so easily excused from responsibility.  I end up lying awake at night with regrets, wondering if I should be doing more than just telemedicine from home, yet wanting to hide myself and my M.D. degree under a rock until this unending storm blows over.

While the storm rages on, a miracle of grace is happening in many places:
generous people are making a difference in small and large ways all around the world. Some take enormous personal risks to take care of strangers and loved ones. Some work endless hours and when they come home, they remain isolated to avoid contaminating their families.

Such grace only happens when the storm is confronted head on by the brilliant light of sacrifice, when the heaviest most threatening clouds begin to weep from illumination that creates a rainbow dropped from heaven.

So we know God cries too. 
His wept tears light the sky in a promise of salvation.
He assures us of this because He won’t leave us in the darkness:
His Light will prevail and this storm too shall pass.

God sees us as we are,
loves us as we are,
and accepts us as we are.
But by His grace,
He does not leave us where we are.
~Tim Keller

3 thoughts on “He Does Not Leave Us Where We Are: The Storm Within

  1. a shelter in the time of storm indeed!! thank you dear emily for reminding us all. blessings to you and yours, near and far…..

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  2. God cries , too — is it difficult for us humans to understand, to believe, to comprehend this — that our Prescient, Magnificent life-giving Creator- God actually cries with and for us?
    His light WILL prevail !
    Rainbow (a sign of His Presence before-in-after the storm?)

    Thank you, dear Emily. I’m sure that your readers (and more) feel the same terror that all people are feeling during this apocalyptic-like event that is occurring in the entire world. Are we totally convinced that the hypotheses some scientist-researchers have who suspect that this current pandemic is caused by eating the meat of bats, pangolins, monkeys sold in open-air stalls in certain Asian and African countries?

    OR – is it the still-germane warnings from the prophets of both Hebrew and New Testaments — plus those who speak warnings to us in this historical time?
    (It seems to be that many people — far too many — do not believe in THE God who created Life — all life: human, animal, and all that exists in our environment.

    Emily, I have mentioned several times in your blog that it is so obvious to me and to all who read and respond to your posts that you are among the modern-day
    prophets and healers (through word and action) and that your words come from the blessed font within your soul. I cannot imagine any more beautiful ministry that must please Our Lord.

    Be at peace as you comfort and sustain our hope and faith….


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