If Being So Beautiful Isn’t Enough

Maybe our world will grow kinder eventually.
Maybe the desire to make something beautiful
is the piece of God that is inside each of us.
Now all four horses have come closer,
are bending their faces toward me
as if they have secrets to tell.
I don’t expect them to speak, and they don’t.
If being so beautiful isn’t enough, what
could they possibly say?
— Mary Oliver from 
Blue Horses

photo of Wheaton BCH by Emily Vander Haak

This is not a world filled with kindness – I think we all realize that most days. There is so much hurt and misunderstanding and lack of communication leading to all kinds of ugliness between so many of us.

When beauty is bestowed upon us, unexpectedly and silently and bountifully, where can it come from but from God? How can we possibly forget wherein He dwells richly, especially wherever beauty is so desperately needed.

The Haflingers don’t have much to say, but then … they don’t need to.

photo of Noblesse BCH by Krisula Steiger

5 thoughts on “If Being So Beautiful Isn’t Enough

  1. What a delightful exciting surprise greets me this day, Emily. I have always been particularly fond of horses. They seem to have a detectable inner sense of ‘knowing.’ The only ones that I have seen up close and have been allowed to touch (briefly) are the thoroughbred racers at our nearby Saratoga track.Your Haflinger ‘children’ are the most beautiful that I have ever seen. I am imagining the joyous memories held by the many children who have caressed and ridden them over the years. I am sure that the Haflingers soaked up the love and attention from all of their admirers. There is a special aura about these beauties – especially about their eyes. They transfix me, almost as if they were talking to me so many miles away.

    May I copy their photos here to make a collage for my bedroom wall?

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  2. Your horses are just gorgeous! Certain animals seem to have a “knowing” in their eyes, my little doxie, Sadie, your horses, all horses actually. We seem to communicate heart-to-heart and be content in that. Thanks, as always! ♥

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