The Silent Tender Snow

With no wind blowing
It sifts gently down,
Enclosing my world in
A cool white down,
A tenderness of snowing.

It falls and falls like sleep
Till wakeful eyes can close
On all the waste and loss
As peace comes in and flows,
Snow-dreaming what I keep.

Silence assumes the air
And the five senses all
Are wafted on the fall
To somewhere magical
Beyond hope and despair.

There is nothing to do
But drift now, more or less
On some great lovingness,
On something that does bless,
The silent, tender snow.
~May Sarton “Snow Fall” from Collected Poems: 1930-1993.

The drifts from two weeks ago persist yet – settled up next to berms and barns, barely melting in 35 degree weather.

Spring remains hidden underneath. Previous years the daffodils would be blooming now but this year they stay blanketed, as do I.

Patient, silent, touched with tenderness — dreaming, longing for spring.

3 thoughts on “The Silent Tender Snow

  1. down here in the willamette valley, i watched the snow fall, and fall, and fall until it slowed, leaving us with over a foot of beautiful white. we were the fortunate ones who still had power. we were warm. but we had work to do outside, and heard from others about their predicaments with the storm. it make me quiet and thankful as i knocked the snow off the rhodies. so many others were without power or means of getting out of their driveways. as i worked i prayed for self and family, then for all those who had it so much worse. this is what we must always do: get ourselves right and then pray/do for others. thank you for the snow-lessons, Lord. thank you, emily, for your daily reminders of what we have and what we must do. stay warm, blog friend….

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  2. Ahhh, how we will rejoice when spring does come gently, vibrantly with vivid color, and meanwhile, grace to keep our vision warmed with hope. Thank you Emily for how well your words do that for us. And thanks to Rob Burnside for his haiku! Andreaming

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