Left to God

This saying good-by on the edge of the dark
And the cold to an orchard so young in the bark
Reminds me of all that can happen to harm
An orchard away at the end of the farm
All winter, cut off by a hill from the house.

I wish I could promise to lie in the night
And think of an orchard’s arboreal plight
When slowly (and nobody comes with a light)
Its heart sinks lower under the sod.
But something has to be left to God.
~Robert Frost from “Good-bye and Keep Cold”

The winter orchard looks cold and silent yet I know plenty is happening beneath the sod.

There isn’t much to be done this time of year until the pruning hook comes out and then the tree is shaped and shorn.

I too can appear cold and dormant, unfruitful and at times desolate. So my future fruitfulness must be left to God and His pruning hook.

7 thoughts on “Left to God

  1. One of my favorite lines is in Elisabeth Elliot’s book, ‘A Path Through Suffering’… she wrote “pruning increases yield”. Very wise and comforting words.

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  2. ‘Survival’ among the human species and within nature is most certainly a mystery. There are so many forces at work within each process – those seen and those unseen. The final outcome, then, must be left to our omniscient, compassionate Creator-God.

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  3. the pruning hook didn’t wait until spring for me. 1-1-19 I fell. I’ve had a cast and have had to do all things with my non-dominant hand. personal hygiene and other chores have been a challenge. Christmas eve I had an appointment for a follow-up mammogram. the results call for further treatment. with little sleep and the challenge of continuing to care for my father and all the other unknowns to follow, I have felt emotionally spent and rather pruned. many of my normal life routines have been removed from my space for this season of life.
    in 2017, the manna from god helped me get through the selling of the family farm. somehow, I haven’t been finding the manna for this time. I know I need to keep trusting and searching and be grateful for life as it is.

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  4. I will be in prayer for you. I broke my dominant right hand in 2012 while caring for my elderly mom with a broken hip….boy I was shocked how hard things were but after about two weeks I adjusted enough to get by. Brushing teeth was weird, I kept hitting my teeth with the back side of the brush instead of the bristles. May God give you intuitiveness and all the help He can send from friends and neighbors. May your dad stay stable and may his insurance/Medicare send help if possible. May he himself be considerate of your situation. May everyone in your sphere be helpful and understanding. May all your treatment be swift, smooth and successful. Please update on here if you can (type, lol – that’s hard too!). I hate to be out of my routine too. One good thing that came from this is that I am almost ambidextrous now! May God bless, strengthen equip and restore you dear lady.

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  5. Linda, May your heart be eased of worry at this vulnerable time of pain and inconvenience and unknown trials to come. It is a time of testing and pruning that seems too severe yet you are here expressing faith and trust and hope for a better time to come. Bless you now in your weakness and may it give you great strength. Emily


  6. Linda, I felt a need to add to the soothing balm that Emily has added so kindly to your comment.
    For a time, you are once again being asked to divert from your life’s path and face a new kind of reality – as if you were suddenly walking down a darkened hallway – or a long tunnel where you are suddenly exposed to deep uncertainty and a sense of things piling up and you are perhaps saying to yourself ,’Oh, Lord, please help me, I don’t think that I can handle all of this now. I feel alone at times, and yet, I know that my faith and trust in you, my love for Your Word and your Promises are with me now and will see me through this unsettling time. I pray, Lord, that you will walk beside me every moment and that you will not leave me. Please, Lord, I so need your assurance. In your Mercy, let me feel your Presence….’
    You will find, Linda, that you will see with new eyes and feel with a newly-sensitive compassionate heart within that Presence that will allow you to reach out to others to help them through their difficult times. Your present trials may be His gift of a, saving grace that will imbue you with a wonderful desire to share that Grace with others in their time of pain and darkness. Perhaps that is the true meaning of God’s pruning hook….– to clear out the old and to bring new life to the soul….


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