The Slowed Down Season

…the cold waking you
as if from long sleeping,
then you can understand
how, more often than not,
truth is found in silence,
how the natural world comes to you
if you go out to meet it,
its icy ditches filled with dead weeds,
its vacant birdhouses, and dens
full of the sleeping.
But this is the slowed down season
held fast by darkness
and if no one comes to keep you company
then keep watch over your own solitude.
In that stillness, you will learn
with your whole body
the significance of cold 
and the night,
which is otherwise always eluding you.

~Patricia Fargnoli from “Winter Grace”

So slowed down and immobilized by the rain, the cold, the darkness
it can take every reserve I’ve got to embrace another day

yet embrace I must
clinging to the knowledge

that even in stillness and silence
I love and am loved.

One thought on “The Slowed Down Season

    Yes, Emily, THAT is it!
    Your prescient observation — a sacred truism — short, but oh so sweet and comforting — is the glue – the silken gossamer
    thread that hold each of us together, as one and as together – child, adult, handicapped, suffering, man, woman, lovers, married persons, the aged (who feel it
    in their aching bones with no need to even talk about it because it remains in their precious memories).
    As we re-read Jesus’ ‘reduction’ of the 10 Commandments where he lists only 2 incorporating the other 8::
    ‘Love God, love your neighbor as yourself! And Paul’s paean to ‘Love’ in 1 Cor 13: 13 ‘So faith, hope, love
    remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.’

    So, yes, Emily, you ARE loved — in the untiring way that you give of yourself and share so unselfishly with others….

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