Work Gloves







My farm work gloves look beat up after a year of service.  They keep me from blistering while forking innumerable loads of smelly manure into wheelbarrows, but also help me unkink frozen hoses, tear away blackberry vines from fencing, pull thistle from the field and heavy hay bales from the haymow.  Over the years, I’ve gone through several dozen gloves, which have protected my hands as I’ve cleaned and bandaged deep wounds on legs and hooves, pulled on foals during the hard contractions of difficult births, held the head of dying animals as they sleep one final time.

Without my work gloves over the years, my hands would be full of rips and holes from the thorns and barbs of the world, sustaining scratches, callouses and blisters from the hard work of life.

But they aren’t scarred and wounded.
Thanks to these gloves, I’m presentable for my “day” work as a doctor where I don a different set of gloves many times a day.

The gloves don’t tell the whole story of my gratitude.

I’m thankful to a Creator God who doesn’t need to wear gloves when He goes to work in our world.
Who gathers us up even when we are dirty, smelly, and unworthy.
Who eases us into this life when we are vulnerable and weak,
and carries us gently home as we leave this world, weak and vulnerable.
Who holds us as we bleed from self and other-inflicted wounds.
Who won’t let us go, even when we fight back, or try not to pay attention, or care who He is.

And who came to us
with hands like ours~
tender, beautiful, easy to wound hands
that bled
because He didn’t need to wear gloves~

~His love made evident
to us all.






3 thoughts on “Work Gloves

  1. Just read this at 6:09 p.m. EST NY. My throat is still aching from the tears that are trying to release that gush that is to come. I don’t cry easily. But when I read your comforting, knowing, and unambiguous thoughts expressed here, Emily, I ‘let it all out’ in a silent affirmation and blessed thanksgiving for His constant love, understanding and forgiveness for our human lapses, and for His vigilant protection over us as we so often fail, ‘mess up,’ ignore or take Him for granted. It is at those times – our perilous times – when we lose our way and stumble around in the darkness that He comes to us and, with loving arms outstretched, helps us to rise — in hope and in strength — to continue our journey, knowing that it will end in an eternity in His Presence. How could we ever forget that His Spirit dwells within us and that He always sees the road ahead — and the road that we have already traveled….?

    Thank you dear Emily, for the love and wisdom and all that you share with us each day.

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