As If

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love.
~Saint Augustine

When I am one of billions
there can be nothing special
to attract attention
or affection

When I blend into the background
among so many others
indistinct and plain,
common as grains of sand

There is nothing to hold me up
as rare, unique,
or exceptional,
worthy of extra effort.

Yet it is not about my worth,
my work, my words;
it is about His infinite capacity
to love anything formed

by the touch of His vast hand,
the contraction of His immense heart,
the boundlessness of His breath reaching me
as if
as if
as if
I were the only one.

3 thoughts on “As If

  1. As I read the words, I was being made aware that though each one of us is one of billions, we are unique. If I look at one red tulip and another red tulip, there are differences of one from another that blow my mind with the inventiveness of One who brought each one into being; that each has a wonder that can enthral and enrapture. Our God is so deeply to be appreciated

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  2. exactly, Patricia! When I see the tulip fields and recognize the beauty of each individual bloom en masse but singly, I know we are no different in our unique creation and the love invested in each of us! thank you! Emily


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