To Hone and Tend Creation








Creation is the arena in and through which God wishes to reveal himself. 
In creating, in preserving, in pursuing; in hallowing, in participating, in wooing—
the Father, the Son, and the Spirit have made all creation, 
and all its creatures, great and small, their delight.

We recognize that, being made in his image, we are appointed as his stewards. 
This does not give us carte blanche with God’s world. 
We are not given creation to plunder, 
but to hone and tend in such ways that every little part of it gives glory to God.
~Kathleen Mulhern in Dry Bones













I like the thought of creation being “wooed” into existence by God.  Indeed I need to be gently wooed into tackling the day and tending my part of creation.  The night may have been sleepless, the worry endless, the efforts I make futile.

Yet I’m here for a reason, as is every spider, mouse and even mosquito.  It is all to His glory, as insignificant as I feel.

There can be nothing but wooing wonder in all He has made.












5 thoughts on “To Hone and Tend Creation

  1. Evocative thoughts, Emily. If only we could remember to pray that we learn to see with the eyes of our Creator-God to understand, to respect and, most importantly, to protect all that He has created….

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  2. Yes, many sleepless nights in the last two weeks. My dad went by ambulance two Friday’s ago and was diagnosed with pneumonia. He spent one week in the hospital making a nice recovery, but we decided he should go to rehab to regain strength. What a miserable week he has had at rehab. It was like a roller coaster -one day up and the next down. He’s 95 and thinks he is too old too weak to do PT. I decided if his medical condition was stable, I had to work toward discharge for his mental health. Not sure I am making the right decision, but he has been most upset and wanting to return home. So many there just look depressed. The nursing homes just weary me emotionally. So many just want to go home to Jesus. That was my aunt’s desire and she wondered why it took so long, when she was on hospice the month of September.
    I don’t understand God’s timing, when it comes to the elderly existing in a small room unable to do for themselves. We boast of a longer life span, but what about the quality of life and the loss of dignity. So many are in my shoes…dealing with aging parents and the demands that come with this season of life.
    I wish my dad would accept that he is here for a reason…and trust God to be with him and provide to the end.


  3. Dear Linda,
    I went through a similar roller coaster with my near-90 mother – she gave up the idea of going home and it was the months-long decline at the nursing home that you are fearing. Your dad is wanting to go home on his own terms but these will be trying times for you. I hope God gives you energy and grace for this journey.
    blessings and prayers to you,


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