You Are Worth Profound Care





You can change the world with a hot bath,
if you sink into it from a place of knowing
you are worth profound care,
even when you are dirty and rattled.
Who knew?
~Anne Lamott from Small Victories







As a farmer, I spend at least a part of every day muddy and up to my elbows in muck.  I call my barn life “the real stuff” when the rest of my day is spent dealing with “virtual stuff ” which leaves me dirty and rattled nonetheless.  I prefer the real over virtual muck although it smells worse, leaves my fingernails hopelessly grimy and is obvious to everyone where I’ve been.

The stains of the rest of my day are largely invisible to all but me and far harder to scrub away.

It is so much easier to deal with the barnyard over bureaucracy; what soils us can be washed off and we’re restored for another day of wallowing in our muck boots.  On the farm is the grace of drawing up clean warm water, soaping with the suds that truly cleanse, a sinking down into a deep tub of renewal.

God knows well what a washing we need.







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4 thoughts on “You Are Worth Profound Care

  1. Jesus knew the human heart, for He came to us in all of our fault-ridden, innately stubborn humanity. Despite His efforts, we are still often messy and loath to change. He made His Message unthreatening, loving and compassionate, doable and clear enough for even children to understand. But yet we still get soiled and disordered at times – mostly by believing and trusting that the ‘world’ has the answers for our lives, for our salvation – for our promised eternity with Him. So He freely and knowingly bathes us – once again – in His saving, purifying Grace….We do not have to ask Him for this precious gift — He already knows our hearts and our needs — so he ministers to us as only He can do — time and time again, until we finally ‘get it right.’

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