So Am I




There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.
John Calvin





It is too easy to become blinded to the glory surrounding us if we allow it to be routine and commonplace.  I can’t remember the last time I celebrated a blade of grass,  given how focused we are in mowing it into conformity and submission.  Too often I’m not up early enough to witness the pink sunrise or I’m too busy to take time to watch the sun paint the sky red as it sets.

I miss opportunities to rejoice innumerable times a day.  It takes only a moment of recognition and appreciation to feel the joy, and for that moment time stands still.  Life stretches a little longer when I stop to acknowledge the intention of creation as an endless reservoir of rejoicing.   If a blade of grass, if a palette of color, if all this is made for joy, then so am I.

Even colorless commonplace me.

So am I.



3 thoughts on “So Am I

  1. In a tiny piece of colored glass, my love was born. Reds and golds and yellows were the colors in the dawn. Night brought on its purple cloak of velvet to the sky, and the gulls went wheeling, spinning on Jersey Thursday. -Donovan


  2. It seems since my dear Eli passed away, I have to slow myself to feel the joy. I miss not being able to share all my joy and love with my best friend and husband. I know God wanted him, but God took a part of me that is irreplaceable, I don’t want to replace Eli, but I need to find what God’s purpose is for me now. So I try to slow down and listen…. see the joy in each moment and trust God will find me worthy to use me. I will feel again. I will truly live again. I will finish Bailee’s quilt for now. Lots of love….

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