This Gray October Day



Praise the wet snow
       falling early.
Praise the shadow
       my neighbor’s chimney casts on the tile roof
even this gray October day that should, they say,
have been golden.
the invisible sun burning beyond
      the white cold sky, giving us
light and the chimney’s shadow.
god or the gods, the unknown,
that which imagined us, which stays
our hand,
our murderous hand,
                   and gives us
in the shadow of death,
           our daily life,
           and the dream still
of goodwill, of peace on earth.
flow and change, night and
the pulse of day.
~Denise Levertov from “Gloria”


Yes. It is true.
Our murderous hand
is not stayed nearly enough.

We continue to witness the deaths of the innocent, the homeless, the refugees who may not believe as we do, those who do not look or talk or act like us.

Yet shadows are cast on the grayest of days
only because there is light still there,
hidden though it may be.
Be illuminated by mercy without the shadow cast.
Be mercy.
Be stilled by the pulse of life in others.




3 thoughts on “This Gray October Day

  1. The ‘murderous hand.’
    Indeed, we, the American nation, to a person, shares in that evil as the ‘hand’ continues to spread its chaos and genocide in the Middle East, Africa, Central America and, possibly, eventually, in Asia and the Pacific, and in the Soviet Union.

    When President Eisenhower’s term of office expired he warned us of the dangerous, Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) that had become a ‘clear and present danger’ to our nation. We have ignored his warning. At our peril. The insidious MIC continues to grow and to expand its tentacles throughout the entire world – along with the “New World Order.” It is possible that our corrupt, evil, world domination and ‘nation building’ through war-seeking leadership in Washington will bring us face to face with a nuclear confrontation — the beginning of World War 3. The doomsday fears realized, with the reality that what remains after such a conflagration will be unlivable, totally unrecognizable, unable to support life as we know it.

    The courageous ‘whistleblowers,’ along with those honest and knowledgeable government and academic advisors and journalists with integrity among us have given us specific details, names, etc. of events and actions that have occurred by our government leadership since World War 2. One must dig and search for the truth of what they have been telling us for years because we can no longer trust our media who, for the most part, are controlled by the nameless, faceless puppeteers who control our government and our country behind the scenes. For years, our internal foreign policy has been controlled and manipulated (legislatively and financially) by U.S. and international corporate and other foreign interests, most notably for the Middle East by [American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee] AIPAC, the secretive lobby controlled by the present corrupt Israeli (Zionist) government that does NOT represent the opinions of all Israeli citizens or American Jews and others in the Diaspora.

    In ten days from today, on Tuesday, November 8, we Americans will go to the polls to choose a new President and those Congress members slated for re-election this term. The blatant fact that confronts us, the voters, is that the two persons foisted upon us via previous secret machinations via the DNC/RNC, to be considered for President are both morally, psychologically and intellectually unfit for the post. Their lives and their actions – past and present – speak for themselves. Hillary Rodham Clinton, in particular, continues to hold herself and her secretive actions as First Lady of Arkansas, U.S. Senator from New York, and U.S. Secretary of State unaccountable to and above any judicial, Constitutional, and innate basic moral laws.

    During the recent interminable electioneering circus we have been subjected to and presented with lies, distortions, possibility of ‘rigged’ election procedures, overt immorality bordering on pornography, among other evils. I have been a registered voter for 62 years. This is the most disheartening, upsetting election that I have ever witnessed. It has been a disturbing, frightening omen of where my beloved country is headed. It has caused me to fear for our future and that of all children, grandchildren and others to come.

    If past election statistics hold true, an embarrassing number of registered American voters will even bother to vote, to have
    their voices heard. I will not cast my vote for either Republican or Democrat candidate. I will, instead, vote for a suitable candidate on my New York State ballot, one whom I have vetted to the best of my ability to learn about that person’s
    qualifications and background for the post. I know in advance that this will be a ‘wasted’ vote. I regret that. But the alternative – voting for either Clinton or Trump is unacceptable and inconsistent with my values and my Christian moral code.

    One other thing that I will do, beginning Monday, November 7: I will be in constant prayer and supplication, begging God to grant our nation the ability and the will to act with Justice, perseverance, faith, trust in Him and to give us compassion for the untold, grievous suffering of those innocents in all corners of our world. And to give us the courage and the strength to stand with Him in mercy and righteousness….


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